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Tree drippings

I am trying to figure if the trees in my yard are aspen or birch. In the summer when parking my car underneath it, it get covered with this sticky clear covering. Its a mess. What do you think.


Valley County ID almost 7 years ago

What is this?

Just wondering if anyone knows what this is - a whole bunch of them are coming up in a bed and I don't remember seeing them in years past.



Valley County ID almost 4 years ago

Retiree Income Tax Question

I'm a 69 yo retired guy who bought a new car last year and financed a part of it. The payoff is now about 20.5K and its a 4% loan. I'm considering cashing in one of my IRA accounts (worth about 16.5K), and using it (plus taking another distribution of 4K from a different IRA acct.) to pay off the loan. All my IRA's are of the traditional type and I'm a single guy with an annual social security income of 25.8K and an adjusted gross around 3.5K. My question is this: will the additional tax I'll owe (from my Social Security getting taxed) be less than the interest income I would have payed had I kept the car loan? (since, with the IRA distribution, my income will likely exceed the combined or "provisional income" limit of 25K) Or alternately, what about paying just the 16.5K now and the remaining 4K in a year? Thanks!


Valley County ID over 3 years ago

What is the name of this wildflower?

I've spotted this flower on South and Western facing slopes at around 5000 ft in the West Central Idaho mountains. I've combed all of my wildflower books and several on-line resources and cannot find a match. Have I discovered a yet to be identified flower? It looks a bit like Toxicoscordion Venenosumn but it has 4 petals instead of 6 and it is all white (no yellow).

The more mature flower stalks are about 2 ft. tall.


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Valley County ID almost 4 years ago

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