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How much do I need to adjust my cooking at 4,000 feet above sea level?

I have recently moved to Idaho from Laguna Beach, California.

We are now at 4,000 feet above sea level.

What must I do to adjust my recipes?


Twin Falls County Idaho over 1 year ago

Enrolling Out of State/Dual Credit Transfer

Hello! My name is Katelyn Jackson. I am a U.S. Citizen, and I live in Hagerman, Idaho. I am a Junior in highschool, with a current GPA of 3.9. I am very interested in attending Oregon State in order to pursue my goal of becoming a nutritionist. In highschool, I have taken dual credit english 101 and 102 through Boise State University, and next year I plan to take Dual Credit Econ, Algebra, Government, and possibly Speech through CSI. Would this make me a transfer student? Also, if I am applying out of state, with these core classes taken, do you have an estimate on how this could reduce the cost on out of state attendance? I also plan to live in an apartment complex rather than on campus. How likely is it for me to be accepted out of state? Thank you!


Twin Falls County Idaho over 3 years ago

Grape on Steroids

In the spring of 2011 I purchased a grape of "Interlakken" variety from a nursery in Northern New York state, thinking it would survive the winter here (Southern Idaho). Last year it yielded about 3 bowls of delicious white grapes. This spring I found the vine not growing at all, and about the middle of may decided it had frozen. The winter was reasonably mild, low +10deg.F. A sprout started growing, and a fleshy vine grew rapidly, reaching 6ft. in about 6 weeks. I cut the trunk off about 2 inches above the ground after I saw the small sprout,the trunk was about 1 1/2 in. in diameter. Now there is a tangle of fleshy stalks with leaves as large as 14" at the bottom.

There is no dark skin on the vine,like it would normally grow. I would like to prune it and train it to the two wires on the trellis. My question is, is it OK to do this pruning now, or should I wait until next spring providing it survives intact.?



Twin Falls County Idaho almost 6 years ago

Honey locust losing green leaves

We have a honey locust that is about 15 years old. It has done really well until about 2 years ago when it leafed out quite sparsely. We treated it with 'Bayer Tree & Shrub 12 month Protect & Feed' and last year it was beautiful. This year in the early spring we again treated it. Shortly thereafter it dropped hundreds of green round, I think the spring flowering buds (not sure what to call them) for about a month. It had done this in the past but not nearly as much as this spring. The tree leafed out sparsely once again, and now it is dropping the green leaves like its fall. The leaves are not yellow or brown but beautiful green. I'm tempted to treat it again, but not sure if that is a wise move. We haven't seen any bugs on the tree or the leaves, but the bark has splits all over it, up and down the trunk. That may be because it's a mature tree? I don't know, but I hate to lose this huge tree. It doesn't look well though and it's certainly not acting or looking like the other honey locust we have in another area of our yard. Any ideas?


Twin Falls County Idaho almost 4 years ago

Apple Problem

Last summer (and fall) I lost the entire crop of apples on my apple tree, and cannot find help for an answer. I sprayed as normal in the spring, and placed two balls with "Tanglefoot" on them. In June small flies showed up, and I thought that the bait would take care of them. They are NOT Apple Flies with the banded wings, more like cattle "face flies". We have diaries near us. Fruit is entered and frass is seen in the core.. Have not been able to contact my Extension Agent due to a flaky computer program.


Twin Falls County Idaho over 4 years ago

Poultry Lice Treatment

My chickens have poultry lice. I sprayed them with Ultra Care Mite and Lice bird spray and added DE to their dust bath area. Do you know if there is an egg withdrawl period for the Ultra Care spray?


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Twin Falls County Idaho over 3 years ago

harvet granny smith apples

When are granny smith apples ready to be harvested?


Twin Falls County Idaho over 6 years ago

Gibberellic Acid Dose

Because I planted an older variety of Apricot a few years ago, I have had poor luck with blossoms freezing in the spring. I recently read an article that states this can be avoided by using Gibberellic acid as a spray to set the blossoms after a frost. The research I have read from several sources shows doses that vary from 10 ppm to 800ppm. Do you have any recomendations?


Twin Falls County Idaho about 4 years ago

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