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russian sage

is Russian sage indigenous? Is it invasive?


Teton County Idaho over 6 years ago

fungal or mite growth on aspens?

Anyone know what this is growing on these Quaking Aspen? Is it eriophyid mites? How do you control it?


Fungus_on_aspen_300x300%2523 Infected_aspen_300x300%2523

Teton County Idaho almost 4 years ago

restructure PUD if not enought water

How do we restructure a PUD for 120 home sites for the allotted use of community well of 20 home sites. The developer has tried numerous times to dig test wells and cannot find water for all 120. Current well supports up to 20 homes. Developer is in breach of contract so county will not give any cert of occupancy. Currently only 6 homes built and occupied. Developer is abandoning the PUD and the HOA was turned over as he never fulfilled duties. The developer held president roll and never charged dues or made contact with 6 homeowners. All common area and community well in developers name.


Teton County Idaho about 7 years ago

herbicide problem or other disease on tomato plants?

Hi- suspect that this tomato was planted in soil/compost that has broadleaf or 2,4 D herbicde. Apparently, the greens that were treated with the same compost are growing okay. Thoughts?


Tomato7-18-16_300x300%2523 Tomato_herbicide_300x300%2523

Teton County Idaho almost 4 years ago

nasty voles

I have a very nice lawn, however, I have a vole problem. I've tried smoke, poison and flooding, however, nothing works. In the winter, after there is a cover of snow on the lawn, they run around and make tracks which are difficult to fill in in the spring and summer.

If I were to fertilize well and then just before an impending snow storm cut the grass quite short, would the lack of cover possibly send them away? It is a local problem here in Driggs and the whole valley. I have another animal which digs up piles of earth and only once was I able to locate his hole...and may have flooded it.


Teton County Idaho almost 4 years ago

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