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Is this sumac

Is this Poison Sumac



Shelby County Alabama almost 2 years ago

Unknown plant

I have a plant and I'm not sure of the species. It was given to me, and the person that gave it to me didn't know what it was either. It looks like it might be some kind of house plant. It is similar looking to the green dragons. Please if you can help me identify this plant so I can give it the proper care. Thanks!



Shelby County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Pressure canner gauge

Where can I get my pressure gauge on my canner checked please?


Shelby County Alabama about 5 years ago

Sugar maple

My 10’ maple tree is bare at the top. Probably 4 years old


Shelby County Alabama about 3 years ago

Snake Plant cuttings are rotting

I am trying to grow new snake plants by cuttings. I used healthy blades from the mother plant, cut them 3 to 4 inches long, put a rooting medium on the ends, suck them not too deep in good drainable soil, watered lightly, put them in bright light but not direct and it has been 3 weeks. I turned the cutting upward in the same direction they were growing. They are rotting. What on earth have I done wrong? I've sprayed water on them a few times but not soaked them. I didn't make a tent out of plastic to hold moisture in.
Thank you!


Shelby County Alabama about 6 years ago

Re: grassology seed to replace Bermuda.

I live in subdivision where neighbor's water run-off into our yard causing my grass to die as well as I have a lot of shade in back yard. We have cut some limbs. Is there a tougher type grass seed that would do better?


Shelby County Alabama almost 7 years ago

Magnolia blight?

Do we know what dpecspecific is killing the Magnolia trees? I have several in our property in Shelby county die basically from the bottom up.leaves brown and drop. I have noticed it elsewhere in the co in other eatabliesta trees as well as in the woods along 65 and in the newly installed trees adjacent to East Chase in Montgomery


Shelby County Alabama about 3 years ago

Another concrete wall question

I've decided to add some information to my previous request. What I want to do is build a basement using walls that are 10 feet high as indicated on the attached drawing. One person told me that if I went 12 inches thick it would cause a lot of problems since I would need to use twice as many mats so I should use 10 inch walls. Others said that 10 inches thick is inadequate especially with a brick ledge. I will also be building two walls to use as supports for the concrete porch. Is there anything special about my plans that would require extra mats, or the involvement of an engineer?



Shelby County Alabama about 7 years ago

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