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Eradicating unwanted blackberry bushes

I have several excellent wild blackberry bushes on my property. However, I also have many, many more unwanted smaller bushes and constantly see new plants. Many of them pop up around my good plants. If I spray these unwanted plants with a herbicide, will it also kill the main, good plant I want to keep? Obviously, I'd be careful to not allow over-spray onto the desirable bushes. I'm just worried that killing the plants, which I suspect may be runners off the main plant, will also kill what I wish to keep.


Nez Perce County Idaho almost 5 years ago

What is it?

What type of plant is this. It blooms with white and drops some sort of fruit.


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Nez Perce County Idaho about 4 years ago

Wooden Queen Cups

I noticed on your web page you mostly use wooden cups for grafting Queens. Do you feel wooden cups produce a better Queen than plastic cups? Thank you for your time, Bret


Nez Perce County Idaho over 6 years ago

Leghorn laying habits

My brown leghorn (white ears) layed for 2-3 weeks then stopped.. I have searched thinking she is hiding them but find none. She hasn't laid now for over two weeks. Not losing feathers, eats well, appears normal. Only leghorn among 16 hens. Is this normal behavior? She was born this past March.


Nez Perce County Idaho over 3 years ago

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