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1970's Doll

For Christmas this year I'm trying to find a doll from my moms childhood. She always talks about it and it's the only thing from her childhood she really talks about.
It was a baby doll, that came with a wicker basket which had accessories inside. She was born in 1970 so I'm thinking somewhere around 1974 to 1979. I am willing to pay anyone who can find ANYTHING that might be right. This would really mean a lot.


Madison County Idaho about 4 years ago

Gifted plant

I was given this plant as a gift with no description or knowledge of its name, and I'd just like to know how to care for it



Madison County Idaho houseplants plant identification about 3 years ago

Cindy the Citrus

My plant is a dwarf Washington Navel Orange tree from Four Winds Growers. I recently purchased this tree from my college's greenhouse. My apartment temperature is anywhere between 65 and 80 degrees. There isn't a lot of light in the location it is at and I am working on getting a plant light for it so it can get the light it needs. I have noticed that a lot of leaves are starting to fall of the branches and there isn't any blossoms starting to show. What can I do to create the perfect environment for my tree without breaking the bank? Also why are the leaves falling.


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Madison County Idaho citrus fruit houseplants about 4 years ago


What is the best way to get rid of raspberry plants when you need to get rid of them?


Madison County Idaho raspberries about 3 years ago

Pesticides in Wheat farming

Are pesticides damaging to farm crops such as wheat?


Madison County Idaho field crops wheat pesticides about 3 years ago

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