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What is this flower?

It has been growing for three years, slowly. It is getting ready to finally bloom.


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St. Clair County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Woody beauty. What is it?

I got this on a scavenging trip 3 years ago. This is the first year it has bloomed. Leaves are finely toothed and opposite. Five petals, yellowish white, creamy looking with star center. Nearly dime-sized. The plant is five feet tall with slender green stalk. My boss at greenhouse/nursery can't even identify. What is it? Thanks.


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St. Clair County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Perennial flowers ID

Please ID these blue flowers, they are found in Southeastern as well as Northeastern regions.


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St. Clair County Alabama over 4 years ago

Hi my name is amie. I got a little spruce tree from my father on christmas...

Hi my name is amie. I got a little spruce tree from my father on christmas day. I water it every 2 days like maybe one cup sometimes less. Well it started drying up from bottom to top so it is crusty on the bottom and fine at the top. I am sort of freaking out and I really don't want my tree to die. I leave my tree in the sunlight for maybe 3 hours a day. Sometimes I can't one day cause we have a pit bull and she will destroy it. It is in its original flower pot until we can put it outside. Do you know when it is a good idea to put my spruce tree outside and plant it? And what kind of ground do I need to put it in? Like wet or dry. I have no clue. Well thank you so much for reading this comment! Hopefully you will know why my tree is acting like this! Okay I will go now. Bye!!!


St. Clair County Alabama about 6 years ago

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