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green egg yolks

I am getting a lot of eggs with green yolks. This is when they are raw, not boiled. I feed them whole grains, not commercial feed. The feed is made up of wheat, barley, garbanzo beans, lentils and green peas. It seems like when there are more peas in the feed the problem is worse. When there were moderate amounts of peas there were a few with green yolks, but when I got one batch of feed that consisted of probably 90+% peas, nearly all of the eggs have green yolks. Is it indeed the peas causing this and if so how long would it take for them to start laying normal colored eggs after switching to feed without the peas? They receive water in a typical galvanized poultry waterer filled from our well. The chicken house is bedded with oat straw, and the nests are bedded with shredded office paper.


Latah County Idaho over 4 years ago

potato crop amid mushroom patch

I was digging up potatoes and one turned out to be in the middle of a mushroom patch or some other type of fungus (white underground part of the mushroom mixed with soil that the plant was growing in). If the mushroom is poisonous and spores or bits of the mushroom get on the potato, could it poison us when we eat them? Of course I will thoroughly wash them and peel them, but I'm concerned that I might not be able to get every speck of it off. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, particularly since I've read that most aren't poisonous, but I've also read that some mushrooms can be deadly.


Latah County Idaho almost 6 years ago

prostrate knotweed

We have prostrate knotweed in our horse pasture and around the barn. Should we be concerned? If so, how do we best manage it?


Latah County Idaho almost 4 years ago

Apple fruit splitting

Apples are spliting from stem to flower end. I am researching this for the Latah MG service. Moscow Idaho.


Latah County Idaho almost 7 years ago

We have a severely sapping White Pine about 100 years old. It is dropping...

We have a severely sapping White Pine about 100 years old. It is dropping large blobs of sap on the ground and one quarter of the trunk is covered with dripping sap. We would love to save it if possible, but are just learning about trees in general. If you could help us, that would be fantastic.



Latah County Idaho almost 5 years ago

Attracting beneficial insects with native plants

Where can I find information on attracting beneficial insects that are native to where I live using native plants?


Latah County Idaho almost 4 years ago

Prevention of Earwig Pest in the Home

I have found that the house I'm living in is also the home to many little earwigs. I'd like to know some effective ways to prevent them from coming inside my home and how to kill them. Any ideas?


Latah County Idaho about 6 years ago


should I cut the white seed sacks from the tops of the onions?


Latah County Idaho about 7 years ago

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