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Deadheading clamatis

Should I deadhead my clamatis blossoms?


Kootenai County ID almost 6 years ago

Is this an edible mushroom?

This looks like a coral mushroom at first I thought it was a cauliflower mushroom do you know what type of mushroom it is and is it edible



Kootenai County ID 12 months ago

I have the Queen Ann golden yellow raspberries. The tops of some of the...

I have the Queen Ann golden yellow raspberries. The tops of some of the raspberries themselves are off color..almost a white or pale yellow. The middle and bottom of berries are not affected. Also some of the leaves are "lacy" with parts eaten out. Thanks, Donna


Kootenai County ID almost 6 years ago

Which hay(s) are best for my horse?

I have a 6yo mare who is an easy keeper and ulcer-prone. She was scoped and treated last summer for ulcers, and has symptoms again. I feed quality past-bloom first-cutting alfalfa, but can't keep that in front of her 24/7 because she'll get too fat. What hay would be best to keep her feeder filled in addition to her regular alfalfa meals? I'm in north Idaho.


Kootenai County ID about 7 years ago

ÔŁĄthis flower, what is it

Love this flower, what is it???


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Kootenai County ID over 3 years ago

What is this!??!!??

Trying to find out what plant this is!


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Kootenai County ID almost 4 years ago

Crumbly raspberry desease

Can I replant raspberries in the same spot as I removed old deseased plants ?


Kootenai County ID 10 months ago

What is this

Found bug stuck to some sticky art my daughter put on the window



Kootenai County ID 11 days ago

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