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Serviceberry Rust

Do I treat severely rust infected serviceberry bushes or let it run its course?


Idaho County ID almost 2 years ago

Canning Tomatoes

It has been so long since on canned Stewed Tomatoes. But I use to can everything! I followed my recipe for Stewed Tomatoes, but did not read in its entirety because I thought I knew right? I put my tomatoes in a pot of boiling water to help me remove the outside skin of the tomato quicker. Took them out quickly, took off skin, and then cut them up and put them in my big bowl and missed the part to boil the tomato mixture (tomatoes, onions, celery etc.). for 10 minutes. I just put the mixture into my pint "hot" bottles , heated the lids and cooked them for 50 minutes in a boiling water bath. All 23 sealed but 2 this morning which I then pushed the 2 lids down and they sealed. I am worried that I did not do the 10 minutes boiling. Do I have take the lids off and completely to do them over? I am afraid they will make us sick.


Idaho County ID over 1 year ago

What type of Viburnum lantana is this?

Is it poisonous or toxic if eaten or touched?


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Idaho County ID 11 months ago

Herbicide-treated / stump grind - Safe to reuse chips as mulch?

We recently had a large cottonwood removed from our backyard and the stump was treated with herbicide, which sat for several weeks, then they used a stump grinder to chip it. I am left with a large mound of chips. I am thinking about putting topsoil over them and use it as a base for some landscaping (small tree, shrubs, ornamental grass). Is it safe to use the herbicide-treated chips in this manner. I don't want to poison the new landscaping or adjacent raspberries. Also, how long will the strong odor from the herbicide-treated chips linger? I'd like to reuse them if practical. Hoping that covering them in topsoil, weed barrier, and new landscape will mask the odor. Any suggestions? Ken from Boise


Idaho County ID over 4 years ago

growing vines on metal fencing in cold weather

can you grow vines on metal fencing without damage to the plant


Idaho County ID over 4 years ago

What bush is this?

I inherited my grandma's home and have no clue to what some of the plants, trees, and bushes are. But this one is the most confusing one.


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Idaho County ID over 3 years ago

Is this a beneficial plant?

This plant is growing in my garden. I want to know if it has any health or garden benefits so I can decide whether or not to keep it growing.


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Idaho County ID almost 4 years ago

light browning of blue spruce needles

My blue spruce about 5 feet tall was planted this spring. It was doing fine until a month ago. It is showing light yellow to light brown interior needles. the ones on tips of the branches look blue green. Is this normal? and if not do I need to spray it?


Idaho County ID almost 4 years ago

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