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White petals yellow center

What is the name of this plant growing in my yard? I don't think it is feverfew or chamomile.
is it daisy fleabane?


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Gem County Idaho almost 4 years ago

Identify unusual spider

I found a globular orange spider under my kitchen window. It is outside under the covered eave and rarely moves.



Gem County Idaho over 3 years ago


--We have an acre which last year was covered by lambsquarters, so I've been on the web looking everything up I can. Ran across your page and after reading think you've got about the best, most informative info regarding this weed, and just wanted to say a big Thank You! Your time, knowledge and effort is appreciated.


Gem County Idaho over 7 years ago

Katydid Hunter

I have found and captured a Katydid Hunter in emmett, where are they usually found?
are they normally in this area?


Gem County Idaho almost 7 years ago

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