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Brown in January

We planted our trees in June of 2013. They did great until January at which time they turned brown. We are near Yellowstone so temps drop to 30 below. We are at an elevation of 7000'. We were assured that they would do well in our region but obviously they did not. They are showing signs of green but we don't know what to do? Are they dying and we need to pull them or do we let them be? We are not sure what the problem might be?


Fremont County ID over 6 years ago

How to eradicate Plumeless Thistle?

We have property in the Timber Creek area of Island Park, adjacent to the 2Lazy2 ranch in Fremont County. We have an invasion of what we are almost certain is Plumeless Thistle - about 50 plants in an area close to the house where we mow the weeds and native plants. Our ID is based on your booklet Idaho's Noxious Weeds. The photos and description exactly match what we see in our yard (tho we haven't seen the flowers & seeds yet). The larger plants have flower stalks but have not yet flowered. Some just have the rosettes.
What do you advise in order to eradicate these plants?
We will be at our property through September, so we could do a fall application of an herbicide. We could also spot-treat.
Thank you!


Fremont County ID over 4 years ago


I made pioneer women's fresh salsa and bottled 12 pints I used about 4 cups cilantro and only did a water bath. Should I have used a pressure cooker?


Fremont County ID over 4 years ago

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