Clearwater County, Idaho

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disk or plow?

I have some ground that has been cattle pasture for 20 years. I want to restore the grass feed and get rid of the weeds. Should it be plowed first , then disked, then planted. What should be the best process? The land is in the Fraser/Weippe Idaho area.


Clearwater County Idaho over 5 years ago

Insect swarms over the pine trees

Looking towards the sunset we could see at the top of every pine tree a swarm of insects.
They looked yellow in color but I am sure it was the insects against sun .
Looking straight up to the top of a pine tree you could hardly see them but they looked dark in color against the blue sky.
Can you identify this swarm from my picture?

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Thank you
Here is a link to my youtube video showing the insects in action.



Clearwater County Idaho almost 5 years ago

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