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A hardship and the fair

I am a 4-H leader in Idaho. We have fair in a couple weeks. Last week one of my girls lost her dog in an accident. Is there any way she can borrow a dog, at least for showmanship? I cannot see this as an "advantage" as all the other kids in the county have been training since January—November in some cases. I know that for horses, allowances for this kind of hardship have been made in the past.

Canyon County Idaho almost 7 years ago

Is Solarization Good and/or Worth the Effort

I am skeptical about the benefits of what is being popularly called solarization. People seem to be claiming that "the good insects" and organic matter, etc, regenerate in the soil sooner than the "bad" ones. I don't see how they can claim this. I found one university extension webpage that made similar claims without any evidence that I could see. Also, the idea that I then need to only dig 2-3 inches into my soil seems ludicrous, especially as the season progresses. Weed seeds will still blow in or come with birds. Some things are harvested from deeper than that. Not only that, but it supposedly has to be timed with when the weeds would germinate. They germinate in my garden all season long. Maybe I am being too picky and skeptical. Maybe I also just have too large of a garden (I live on an acre, vegetable garden is roughly equivalent to eighteen 16 by 4 foot raised beds) to make it practical, but I would be interested in an article about this!


Canyon County Idaho over 5 years ago

Crystal identification

What is is?


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Canyon County Idaho about 1 year ago

Chill Hours

I live in Nampa, Idaho south of lake Lowell. I am looking at planting blueberry bushes and I am not familiar with how to calculate chill hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Canyon County Idaho about 3 years ago

Home canned tuna

We canned some albacore tuna last summer. The oil in the jar is light orange in color and the fish seems a little orange too. Is this normal or a sign that something went wrong? The smell is normal and the lid was sealed properly


Canyon County Idaho over 3 years ago

What can we do to rid the worms from our cherries?

We have recently moved to Idaho and we bought a home with a sweet cherry tree. The first year the cherries were wormy so we put landscape fabric under the tree and sprayed the tree and ground with a systemic product. This year there are still worms and many cherries have more than one worm. What can we do to rid the worms from our cherries?


Canyon County Idaho almost 7 years ago

Storage of Amaryllis Belladonna, Oriental and Asiatic lily bulbs/tubers

Just moved from California and stored my plants in tubs of peat moss. some are growing in the tubs; should I wait to plant in May or plant now in pots and store in garage?


Canyon County Idaho over 4 years ago

heritage raspberries

What should I do if I didn't get my raspberries cut to the ground before they leaf out? should I just cut them half of the way down?


Canyon County Idaho about 4 years ago

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