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What is this growing in my terrace?

We moved in last fall and so there are many new plants in our terrace. This one is strange. I thought it was onion because of the smell but I'm not sure because of the bulb growing in the top.
Thanks for your help!



Bonneville County Idaho almost 4 years ago

vine /weed

This is growing in my yard. I would like to identify it so that i will know the best way to get rid of it. Each plant has several long tendrils and each bury themselves in the grass, popping up in several places to flower. The vines are thick and almost woody.


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Bonneville County Idaho about 4 years ago

Tulip Seeds

I live in Idaho and I was looking for a way to find information about tulip seeds. when I ran across your web site, and seen a question about tulip seeds but there was nothing about how to get tulip seeds from the pod. There is a lot of good questions and answers. Please contact me by my E-Mail thank you


Bonneville County Idaho about 7 years ago

I trimmed my golden maple tree in went back into dormant and won't...

I trimmed my golden maple tree in went back into dormant and won't come out. I live in Idaho Falls Idaho.


Bonneville County Idaho about 5 years ago

Blueberry bushes pest

What could be eating the leaves in this fashion??? Circular cuts on my blueberry bushes leaves. I don't see any bugs around but they could be coming out at night??


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Bonneville County Idaho almost 2 years ago

Sick honey locust

We live in SE Idaho and planted two honey locust trees in the yard two years ago... a tree that is quite prevalent in this area. One of them is showing signs of distress -- it came in this spring very full and with good and healthy growth. The leaves started turning yellow a week or so ago, and now the entire tree is almost completely yellow and the newest growth at the end of each branch is wilted and dry. The bark looks like it might be reddish in color when comparing it to the other tree. On closer inspection today, we noticed white round puss-like nodules attached to a few of the branches - we could count four total and they are not near each other. They are about 1/4-1/2 inch in size. I've searched books and the web extensively for anything that matches these symptoms but to no avail. Hopefully, you can help me?


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Bonneville County Idaho about 5 years ago

Tree stumps

What damage if any does a tree stump and roots cause if left in the ground.


Bonneville County Idaho almost 4 years ago

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