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Tree on road cont

Thank you. I'm out of state but will send pics upon my return.


Bonner County ID almost 3 years ago


I would like to purchase some duckweed to start a duckweed growing tub to feed our fish in the aquaponic system we are starting.


Bonner County ID about 6 years ago

getting husband of off liquid nutrition

Just a quick question about my upcoming Holiday meals, as well as everyday meals. My Husband can only have puree foods, this is an improvements from only water and nectar thick liquids. So how can I make food appealing to my Husband? He is on liquid nutrition.


Bonner County ID over 4 years ago

Ferns or perennials under heavy snow load?

I have a shady NE corner in my yard/garden that receives a heavy snow load from the intersection of two rooflines. I do not want to plant any shrubs or woody plants there for fear of their limbs breaking. I am thinking of planting some ferns there or some shade perennials, but am unsure if they will survive. Do you have any suggestions? Zone 5


Bonner County ID over 3 years ago

Apple tree disease

I have an apple tree that the leaves are turning brown and after they curl seem to have a black moss looking substance inside the curl on the inside.


Bonner County ID almost 6 years ago

Johnson grass extermination

How do I eradicate Johnson Grass (sorgham helepense) in my NOMOW Bluegrass? Are there any selective herbicides that kills Johnson Grass but not the tall bluegrass?


Bonner County ID 10 months ago

10 week old pullet laid an egg

I purchased my chicks April 6th, they were a day old. I have been feeding them Nutrena Chick Starter/Grower 18% protein, from day one, free feed. They have been out of the brooder and in the coop/outside run for two weeks. They have free access to grass and bugs and their food. Today, I found an egg in the run. The pullet (I believe the Buff Orpington is the culprit, bright red face on her), scratched out a spot in the dirt and left me an egg. What am I doing wrong? And how can I correct this so she doesn't continue to lay at this young age? The only thing I have changed, as of late, I turned on the heat lamp (red light) in the coop, it hasn't been on for a week. We went down into the low thirties last night. Any advice would be helpful.


Bonner County ID almost 4 years ago


I have ants at my home and also our summer trailer once summer arrives. How do I get rid of them.


Bonner County ID over 6 years ago

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