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Classifying Defeats in War

  • In a war: Let's say the invading country loses the last battle before offering a treaty. Keep in mind that it didn't accomplish any of it's objectives.
  • Does that country then suffer a military defeat in terms of war, despite it being a stalemate?
  • For example: The Vietnam war is considered a military victory, while at the same time being classified as a political defeat. First, because the U.S. won every battle, yet chose to withdrawal it's forces.


Boise County Idaho over 4 years ago

What type of bush

What type of bush is this



Boise County Idaho trees and shrubs over 3 years ago

Help what type of bug and how do I get rid of it

Need help identifying and getting rid of this bug on my red raspberry plants


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Boise County Idaho insect identification over 3 years ago

Native wild flora

Where can I get a book on wild shrubs and weeds in my Boise County, Idaho area?


Boise County Idaho over 4 years ago

Bean seedlings

When my beans emerge and start to grow leaves something seems to be eating the new growth. The ones that make it through this period and the leaves are able to get larger then everything is ok. What could be doing this ?


Boise County Idaho gardening horticulture integrated pest management over 3 years ago

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