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Suspicious substance in pig pen.

We are first time pig farmers, there was a strange red tinged substance scattered in one area of the pig pen today. (Image attached) The 3 pigs we got two days ago are weaners. They came to us with Diarreah, that has since hardened up. It appeared they ate an aluminum can they found in the borrowed trailer we used to bring them home. Concerned this substance is blood of some sort. The pigs are sound asleep right now.(6:50pm) and have been for at least an hour. I woke them and they aren't interested in food, one has droopy ears. What could this be? Should I call a vet or observe more? Also, they are provided a wallow, choose not to use it, lay in the sun and get sunburnt, any suggestions?
UPDATE: They are all up and eating this morning, but really sunburnt. How can I help them with that? Is wallowing instinctive or a learned behavior?
PS, Included pics of my pigs, can you identify the breed?


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Bingham County Idaho about 7 years ago

white fly infestation in Honey crisp apple tree and raspberry plants

have sprayed tree with water getting underneath leaves, also sprayed several times with a broad spectrum insecticide w/spreader sticker. Live in SE Idaho and there have been several hard frosts but when I brush against apple tree white flies come out like snow flakes. What can I do for this most upsetting problem. There were about a dozen apples on tree surviving early frost after tree bloomed profusely, but the apples were affected somehow and wasps got into them.


Bingham County Idaho over 2 years ago

What went wrong?

We got massive green beautiful PLANTS, but the very few tomatoes we got mostly all look like this.


Image_300x300%2523 Image_300x300%2523

Bingham County Idaho over 3 years ago

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