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unknown Idaho wild berry

While out this weekend exploring some land we just purchased in the northern panhandle of Idaho we ran across these berries. The bushes of them we're growing amongst the huckleberry bushes. Can you tell me what they are?



Benewah County Idaho almost 6 years ago

This wild plant has a real thick stock and grew extremely fast it has little...

This wild plant has a real thick stock and grew extremely fast it has little white flowers on it


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Benewah County Idaho almost 4 years ago

Fungus and what to do about it

We have these bulges growing on some of our small pine trees. We think it is a fungus. There is an orange powder "spores".

What do we do? Can the tree be saved or should it be cut down to prevent spreading?


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Benewah County Idaho about 7 years ago

4 O'Clocks

Can I plant vegetables in an area I have grown 4 O'clocks for 2 years. I have read the plant as well as the seeds are poisonous. Do 4 O'Clocks and their tubers/seeds poison the soil??
Thank you, Saint Maries, Idaho


Benewah County Idaho about 6 years ago

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