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Bark eating wasp

I have bald faced wasps(i think) eating the bark off of a tree in the yard. I would send photo of the damage, any advice you can give will help. I have not seen anything like this before.


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Bannock County Idaho integrated pest management wasps about 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

Its growing close together in a section of our garden. There are no dandy lion heads anywhere around it.


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Bannock County Idaho over 3 years ago

grapevine propagation

I have grapevines that I started about seven weeks ago with a root stimulator. I placed them in bags of equal parts vermiculite, sand, and peat moss on heating mats. Some of the vines have rooted beautifully and have been transplanted into pots of soil. Others show no sign of roots, yet they have budded, grown leaves, and even started forming grape clusters. Do I let them sit on the heating mats longer or do I transplant them? Also, for the grapevine starts with grapes forming, do I pinch those off (since the vines are too small) to give more energy for root formation, or do I leave them. I'm very new to all of this. Help! And thanks.



Bannock County Idaho grapes growing grapes over 5 years ago

Is 91 degrees warm enough to incubate homemade yogurt?

What is a safe temperature to incubate homemade yogurt at? I am making yogurt for the first time using a vintage 80s yogurt machine. I am worried the machine may not be heating up enough as when I I temp checked it several different times it was only 91 degrees. From what I have read, that is lower than ideal incubating temperature, but it did “set up” beautifully, and looks like a thick yogurt. I am just worried it is not being kept warm enough to keep the yogurt safe to eat. Or Is it safe at that temperature and just takes longer to get to the proper thickness? Thanks in advance.


Bannock County Idaho over 1 year ago

life time of geraniums

Each winter I bring a few geraniums in doors in pots to winter over in my basement. They do very well. We keep them cut back and out they go again in the spring. How many times can this be done with the same plant? Do they have a life time? Or can this be done indefinitely as long as they are fertilized and or set in the ground again in the spring?


Bannock County Idaho overwintering geraniums about 3 years ago

No leaves

I have a large apercote tree that has always produced good but this year it did not blooms or bud out and produced no leaves. Some branches seem pliable and moist but has no leaves. Is it dead or might it come back next year.


Bannock County Idaho over 1 year ago

Is this Western chokecherry?

Was curious if I could get this fruiting tree in my new backyard identified. My freelance, online detective work has me about 75% confident that it is the western chokecherry. Any help is highly appreciated


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Bannock County Idaho trees and shrubs plant identification over 3 years ago

Plant type?

What kind of plant is this?


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Bannock County Idaho plant identification over 3 years ago

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