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Multicolor Asian lady beatle

Are multicolor Asian Beatles good insects like lady bugs? Or are they destructive pests?



Ada County Idaho over 3 years ago

Unknown plant

help me identify this plant?



Ada County Idaho succulents plant identification horticulture over 4 years ago

dead ornamental cherry trees

I am seeing a lot of dead ornamental trees in our Meridian Idaho neighborhood this spring. Particularly Japanese Cherry. Do you have any ideas why this may have happened? We had a mild winter and dry spring.


Ada County Idaho trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

problem with your link to just in time parenting newsletters

Bad links on your site and in the email newsletter or something is wrong with your server


Ada County Idaho parenting over 5 years ago

Dragon's Eye Pine Looks Nearly Dead!

Our previously very healthy Dragon's Eye Pine suddenly turned brown with only a few pine needles that are green. There are new cones on many branches. What do you think is going on? Should we water the tree? My husband has not turned the sprinklers yet!


Ada County Idaho trees and shrubs horticulture almost 5 years ago

Microwaving Peppers

Curious why - when I am thawing my frozen mini peppers in the microwave, after just 10 seconds their stems burst into flames. These are the bagged mini peppers that I buy at the grocery store and freeze to keep them from going to waste. This happens nearly every time I pop a couple of them in the microwave on 10-20 seconds. When I have thawed the peppers from our own garden, they never do this - which leads us to think maybe the store bought peppers are coated with something that causes their stems to snap and burst into flames.


Ada County Idaho food safety peppers over 6 years ago


I purchased huckleberry plants through the U of I. Planted them and they came back this spring and were looking good. Leafed out and then all of a sudden, some of the leaves are turning red, no new leaves and I'm worried they are not doing well and maybe I did something wrong. I gave them Blueberry food from Garden's Alive, water them and take good care of them. Any suggestions as to what is going on?


Ada County Idaho trees and shrubs gardening huckleberry horticulture fruit trees over 3 years ago

Canning peaches in stages

Can I peel/slice peaches one day and can them (whole peaches and peach salsa) the next?


Ada County Idaho home food preservation over 3 years ago

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