Whitfield County, Georgia

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Found this in the grass

What kind of frog is this sorry the photo is blurry


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Whitfield County GA about 1 year ago

What plant is this?

Couldn't find an exact match



Whitfield County GA almost 5 years ago

asset maping alternative to "needs assesment"

I've just started as a county agent (after 30+ years as researcher and state specialist) and need to develop a needs assessment to develop a plan of work. What resources are available to develop a needs assessment? Are there asset based alternatives that could be used?


Whitfield County GA over 3 years ago

cutting a madagascar palm to propagate and for height maintenance

I have a madagascar palm around 14 years old. He's about 6 1/2 feet tall. I want to know how drastic I can prune him and if I can propagate the cutting? I keep him inside during winter and outside spring summer and fall just getting hard to move in and out.


Whitfield County GA over 2 years ago

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