Upson County, Georgia

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What is this flower

I have a flower and I don't know what it is I have tried all of the flower searcher apps and still can't find a Mach if you email me I will send you a pick of it because I can't upload pictures on here. Plz help thanks Jessica Thompson my email is

Upson County GA almost 4 years ago

Can you tell me what type of plant this is?

I got this plant when I ordered lemon grass. I have since purchased lemon grass and it clearly is not the same. Any ideas what this plant might be?


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Upson County GA about 4 years ago

Is this Juniper or Cedar?

These trees grow all over my property and I'm having a very difficult time identifying them. So far, I haven't seen any produce any berries or cones (which is a reason why I'm having difficulty). The bark of the tree is also somewhat paper like and peeling. I'm thinking it may be an Eastern Redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) however I'm just not sure. It doesn't quite smell like Gin.


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Upson County GA almost 4 years ago

Need help identifying this plant

Can you help identify?



Upson County GA about 4 years ago

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