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Nightcrawler worm mounds in lawn

What do you do about nightcrawler (earthworm species) mounds in homeowner lawns? They definitely arent ant hills or moles etc. but just dirt mounds all over the lawn. Is a chemical application necessary as I know these are supposed to be beneficial to your lawn or does the homeowner just need to rake away the mounds?

Twiggs County GA over 5 years ago

Outside perimeter dimensions for brooder houses

If building brooder houses in a wooded area where trees need to be trimmed to accomodate the brooder houses, how much space should there be on the perimeter of each house? The surrounding trees are being trimmed and the landowner wants to know the typical amount of extra space on the outside of these houses that should remain clear once the brooder houses are built.

Twiggs County GA about 5 years ago

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