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Can you identify this weed..Lowe's, Home Depote, Ace and Co-op cannot identify it.???

Please see if you can tell me what this weed is? I have shoulder tendinitis due to digging them up. 100 holes in front yard, brought to my yard by a grass cutting company last year.Please help me with the name of the weed and how to kill it forever...Ed Terry


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Morgan County Alabama about 5 years ago

Hi, My issue began with my peach tree. The leaves began to have small rusty...

Hi, My issue began with my peach tree. The leaves began to have small rusty red patches. After a few weeks either the entire leaf was a rusty red or the patches turned a brown color and made a dead spot in the leaf. I went to the local co-op with a sample and they said it looked like Rust. I purchased a strong fungicide and sprayed all of my tree's. I also removed all green from the tree's.. That seemed to work. The leaves grew back. However as summer came to it's end the problem came back. Not only on my tree's ( 3 year old white dwarf peach, 3 year old apple, and standard peach) but the spots also showed up on my strawberry plants, roses, and black berry. The only thing that seemed unharmed was my tomato plants. I did spray the entire garden with fungicide during mid winter but it doesn't seem to have helped. I am not sure what to do at this point.



Morgan County Alabama about 7 years ago

What is this plant

This plant has taken over in my garden it's fast growing and stays fairly low ton the ground and spreads like crazy.



Morgan County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Biting flies

We are planning a trip to Colorado to fish. I hate the biting flies. Do you have any information on if the flies (any) are present at this time of summer? Of if they are present at certain months of the year?

Thank you,
Sharron Acker


Morgan County Alabama 10 months ago

Town Mayor

Can a Town Mayor serve on multiple boards (Library, Sewer, Park & Rec) for the same town?


Morgan County Alabama about 5 years ago

purplehull peas

paes have little black aphids that spread over entire pea hull until entire plant peas are covered.also spreads to surrounding pea vines it touches infesting it.growing problem


Morgan County Alabama over 2 years ago

Blueberry jelly

Need ratio of blueberry juice to sugar and using sure-gel powder pectin for canning


Morgan County Alabama almost 2 years ago

Cedar Problem

Is this ??? I found in my cedar-tree a problem?




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Morgan County Alabama about 7 years ago

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