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What plant is this

Plant ID please, I have not seen this before on my property, I found a few sections of this in my sunflower crop.


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Stephens County GA about 4 years ago

Adding Powdered Spices to Chutney and Pickles

Hello, I am going to make Cranberry Orange Chutney. The recipe calls for cinnamon sticks that are discarded before canning. Will it change the pH of the chutney or make it unsafe to eat if I add cinnamon powder to the chutney instead of using and discarding the cinnamon sticks? Similarly, is mustard powder a safe substitute for mustard seeds when making pickles? Thank you!


Stephens County GA over 1 year ago


my roses have litchen. What can I use to cure them with ?


Stephens County GA about 6 years ago

We just cut a tree down and it around our septic tank

We just cut down a few small trees around our septic tank and we do not know what kind of stuff to buy to kill the roots I have no clue what to buy and we need to know what to get a lot of people are telling us what to get but I would like to know what will work people told us to burn them but its close to the house please help me and my husband are helping an older couple out. So we don't have a lot of money it go's to them thank you for your help


Stephens County GA almost 2 years ago

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