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I am the editor of the Capital City Master Gardener Assn. newsletter. Can I get a schedule of your upcoming Webinars? I want to highlight them in future newsletters.


Montgomery County Alabama webinar almost 7 years ago

Master Gardner Classes

When will the next Master Gardner class begin? What is the fee and how often does the class meet? Thanks. Skip Dotherow


Montgomery County Alabama over 2 years ago

Transplant Lantana

What is the best time of year to transplant a Lantana? How's now?


Montgomery County Alabama over 6 years ago

Soil Sample sent to Auburn fBor property pond in Letohatchee

Back in April, I turned in soil samples to your office to be sent to Auburn for analysis to determine what I needed to do for my pond. I never received the analysis, and today I received a bill from Auburn for $7.00 Please help me track down what happened to the sample I delivered to your office. Thanks! Debra Hobbie


Montgomery County Alabama almost 2 years ago

Wild cucumbers

Are wild cucumbers found in Alabama edible? Ours are small smooth and around.


Montgomery County Alabama fruits and vegetables over 6 years ago

New vine in yard.

This vine suddenly cropped up all over a good portion of a flower bed and my grass this summer while I wasn't looking! I am still pulling up little babies everyday that keep appearing. Luckily it doesn't have long roots. But I can't find out what it is and wonder how the heck it showed up out of the blue. What is it?


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Montgomery County Alabama over 3 years ago

Beneficial or not?

Yellow furry found floating on Lake jordan. Green funny squishy worm found on vegetation, Wetumpka, Jasmine Rd Pretty little spider found in Montgomery yard. Thank you again. Happy to find your website.


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Montgomery County Alabama almost 2 years ago

Ground cover - low maintenance

Dear Gardening Friends, I am writing to you from the Montgomery Area Food Bank. We have a very troublesome area that needs your expertise. The attached photos portray an area that simply will not grow anything (we have tried for going on 4 years now). Do you have any words of knowledge and wisdom that would guide our efforts to making this front area of our volunteer center attractive and inviting? We greatly appreciate any ideas you can offer. Sincerely, Jolene Kearns, Programs Development Manager, Montgomery Area Food Bank.


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Montgomery County Alabama about 2 years ago

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