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Bear vs deer scat

So if I need to know for sure due to human proximity what do I look for to distinguish between the two?


Rockdale County GA about 1 month ago

Drooping elephant ears

Hi my name is Tammy. I just transplanted some elephant ears from my house to my boyfriend house.The biggest is about a foot tall and there are two ears on each plant. At my house they got a good six hours of sun. They were always drooping bad late afternoon or early evening I planted them in the shade yesterday evening in see good soil I watered them and then it rained a whole lot. It's about 1:30 the next day sun just came out so they haventh had hardly any sun today. All of them are drooping to the ground soil is still moist. What should I do ?


Rockdale County GA about 2 years ago

Can someone tell me what type of spider this is?

Ok so there's a spider in my basement and I'm used to seeing them,but this particular spider has four legs!

People told me these spiders don't exist,and I'm trying to find out what exact species this is.



Rockdale County GA almost 5 years ago


I cut trees down . Can I wait 4mths, (until I am ready to lay sod ) to grind tree stumps down? Concern: If I grind trees now , soil damage will occur and bugs termites


Rockdale County GA 8 months ago

Potted plant identification

I bought this plant at a sale and it had no identification



Rockdale County GA about 4 years ago

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