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Corn ear worms

All the information I've been able to find about controlling these pests is to spray the silk of the cob with either insecticidal soap or mineral oil as soon as the silk appears. I've been doing that but with very poor results. I get and ear worm in about nine out of ten ears. I can't believe folks that grow large fields of corn go out and spray every ear yet somehow they get good ears with no worms. So my question is "What do they do to control the ear worm"? . It's my understanding that the worm drops to the ground and remains there for the winter then hatches out as a fly that flies up and lays and egg in the silk which hatches into a worm which goes into the ear. And around and around it goes. So if all that is true, can I treat the soil with something to stop the cycle? Thanking you in advance for any help you can send along. Dick Wright


Polk County GA about 4 years ago

knockput roses dying

The root system is disappearing from my roses. Some are established and some just planted.
Could some varmit or insect be eating them, Any treatment suggestions


Polk County GA about 4 years ago


How do you get rid of Johnson/bluegrass growing in zoysia without killing the zoysia?


Polk County GA 12 days ago

winter cover crops

What is a good winter cover crop for NW Georgia to improve soil?


Polk County GA almost 6 years ago

Kiwi problem

I have a male and female kiwi that flower and produce alot of fruit but the fruit never gets bigger than a large grape. What am i doing wrong?


Polk County GA almost 5 years ago

Aragon police arrested my 14 yr.girl for cussing and lied and said she fought...

Aragon police arrested my 14 yr.girl for cussing and lied and said she fought with them they have body camera to show what happens they not take her at ydc. So they held her in their office for 4.to 5 hr. Hand cuffed to chair and legs cuffed and hung on a door knob until they had more changes for cussing ( felony ) sent off that night got bond out 3 days then they came to my house took off ankle Monterey without a parent present next day took warrant picked up at school took to court that day said we did not charge theMontour. Police that took her testified he saw her and a teacher plugging it up at school data sheet said never. had any charge I charged it school charged it too judge said he feels like we was trying to hide her where about she went to school and home I no fact!! Sent her off till court 7days 1st time in trouble now she had to take plea bargain or go back she did she scared of they no one will help got proof all state papers n police video to show her innocent no one will help me I am poor I still have rights too. Can someone help me please my phone# 7706843150 she losing her life Please help


Polk County GA almost 4 years ago

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