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My young apple tree (about 7ft) has brown spots(on top of its leaves)with...

My young apple tree (about 7ft) has brown spots(on top of its leaves)with bright yellow halos. Underneath, the spots are yellow with raised brown rings


Blount County AL fruit trees apple trees horticulture over 4 years ago


Who do I contact, in order to get the dead carcass of a cow removed from neighboring pond? The cow has been in the pond for a week.


Blount County AL over 3 years ago

Root crop problems

Something is eating my root crops from under ground, the whole plant disappears leaving a big hole, I rotate my crops but they still get eaten. I mulch, also. No matter where I plant beets they get eaten., i have raised beds, it just started in 2013, last year I lost every beet. I have used beneficial nematodes, I try to not use chemicals so am at my whits end trying to solve my problem.
We do have numerous squirrels, chipmunks and voles too. I have lost all my crocus, grape hyacinths and lilies too. I have a very bad mole problem too..have used just about everything on the market to get ride of them to no avail. We live in a very rural area, we have horses but no other outside animals. I would appreciate some advice about these issues. In all the years of gardening I have never encountered this problem before and I have been gardening for over 50 years now.
Thank you, Ann


Blount County AL over 4 years ago

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