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Pepper plants

My pepper plants are load with pepper but then they turn deep dark green and wilted like they are dieing what going on need help fast


Pickens County GA about 3 years ago

Over pruned Camillias

Help! My yard man not knowing better, thought pruning me 10 ft tall camillia bushes meant cutting ALL the branches off as he cut the stems in half! Now they look like the crepe myrtles! Will these 2 favorite bushes die? Will they recover ? How long will this take if it happens?! Help!


Pickens County GA over 1 year ago

Can you tell me what kind of spider this is?

I found it in my cabinet when I was cleaning. It has 2 white dots on its back and a thin line curving along the front of it's dorsal. It's legs are skinny and sleek. It looks very similar to a black widow, but it's legs had a redish color.
when I found him, he was about and inch away from my finger....At which point I began to scream and cry like a baby....



Pickens County GA about 6 years ago

What is this?

I bought this plant and don't know what it is.



Pickens County GA almost 5 years ago

What is this?

Bought this plant and don't know what it is.



Pickens County GA almost 5 years ago

What is this plant in my veggie garden

What is this plant I thought it was a squash plant because of leaves but it bears fruit like a watermellon


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Pickens County GA about 4 years ago

rose bush

I planted what I thought is an ever blooming rose bush. I have not been able to garden for 2 years due to medical issues. I am fine, but my rose bush is now at least 6 feet tall. I have no idea how to prune it or leave as is. It is in a big space in full sun. What would you do?


Pickens County GA over 5 years ago

Question about Crepe Myrtles

We are moving to Colorado Springs from Georgia. Will I be able to grow Crape Myrtle trees?


Pickens County GA almost 3 years ago

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