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Type of snake?

This is a baby snake I found in my basement in Georgia. What kind is it? Can you tell this young? Should I watch mount for the parents?



Paulding County GA about 1 year ago

Crab spiders

Hello, I have three species of crab spiders in my home and have recently found what looks to be their nests...Three nests. I discovered them in September and have "studied" them for the past five months. I would like to know exactly what they are. They have a claw on one leg and a suction cup on the other. The clawed leg is the longer of the two. I wish I could send you the babies as I have many. I have been bitten or clawed when sleeping and bazaar as it sounds, I have found that they lay eggs in the clawed areas of my skin! I think I have a scab only to find that it is a baby spider! They will not let go until they are ready to do so. Since they cover these "eggs" in a sticky substance, I cannot penitrate with tweezers. Super glue has nothing on their stickiness! They also live in the freezer, enjoying my food. They can get into any food items that are sealed but the most unbelievable thing ive seen thus far is how they get inside a can of pepsi without a drop leaking. Different parts of the spider appear slowly when they are ready to exit...could not believe what i was seeing! Thanks, Melinda


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Paulding County GA over 3 years ago

what type of spider is this?

Sorry for the blurry photos. Found this little guy on my car.
It's not completely golden just a really cool design. Sorry again for no detail.


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Paulding County GA almost 4 years ago

Plant identification

Just wondering about the identity of this flower that grows in my yard. It popped up all over after a couple of days of rain, on a hill with full sun.



Paulding County GA over 4 years ago

What kind of snake is this, and is it dangerous?

Found outside under trash can. Was pretty aggressive and struck at us.


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Paulding County GA about 1 year ago

Issues with Wordpress

Hello, I am using WordPress and I am having issues with the "recent posts function." The site is nearing the end of development, and I am using the EXTRA theme. Every time I publish a post, the featured image of that post displays across all categories and sections on the Home page of my blog. I don't want the featured post from "recent posts" to display along each section of my blog. When I publish a post, the featured image needs to just display in the set area(s) that I specified prior to publishing it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Paulding County GA over 4 years ago

Local classes for canning

Are there any canning classes in Paulding?


Paulding County GA about 1 year ago

Pesky weed

Need to identify and kill, it's taking over lawn, thank you for help



Paulding County GA almost 2 years ago

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