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Flowering bush

What is this bush or tree which is flowering now?


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Oconee County GA over 4 years ago

Can you tell me what this bush is?

Can you tell me what kind of bush this is? I'd describe it as very "brushy", has an "arched" very full shape and is probably at least 6 feet in height and 4 feet wide? Has small yellow flowers on it (picture taken in May). Is part of landscaping in a shopping area. Would like to use in my yard. Thanks!


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Oconee County GA about 4 years ago

Florida Anise leaves wilting

I have 3 plants which I believe are Florida anise. (I bought the house last year and the plants were already in the backyard). In each plant, one branch has all the leaves wilting while the other branches appear to be healthy. Is it a virus? fungus? what do I do? The plants are located at the outside edges of a large oak tree and next to a deck, the ground is slightly sloping (planting at the top of the slope) and mulched with bark, drip irrigation system was in place. I live in Watkinsville GA.


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Oconee County GA about 6 years ago

What is the difference between using chlorinated water on plants compared to deep well water?

For years people have touted the use of well water over tap (chlorinated) water in growing plants and especially organic growing. What this article is essentially saying is that there is no problem with watering your plants with chlorinated water and it is perfectly fine? So why do so many farmers prefer deep well sources over tap? Is it because of the availability of a well in rural areas or is well water cleaner and safer (obviously whether it is well or tap it needs to be tested for pathogens - see Flint, Michigan water contamination) and contain more and better minerals and elements that help the micro organisms thrive? Or in other words "better"? Why go to all the effort and initial expense to have a well drilled at all if there is no difference? Or is it based solely on economic issues?

It has also been stated not to use chlorinated water in making compost tea because it kills the beneficial micro organisms that you are trying to create - it has to be de-chlorinated beforehand.

What about long-term use of chlorinated water, where only the top 1/2 inch is affected? What happens to that "dead soil" over continued use? Do you scrape it off and move on?

Apparently, based on this article, using common logic, you would not be able turn it into the other "good" underneath soil because then you have "contaminated" it with the built-up chlorine that has bound itself to the soil particles that have basically filtered it out?

So, the discussion is not whether chlorinated water is necessarily "bad" for plants but that it is definitely not "good". The farmers that grow peppers quite successfully in Florida because of the high calcium content of the ground water might have some input on this.

Is there a "published report" from a scientific study in comparing well water to tap water on growth rates and overall health of the plants over a long period?


Oconee County GA over 3 years ago

Something taking leaflets off my young pecan trees.

I was a county agent and I know insect damage, this is something else. There is no residue, frass or partially chewed leaflets. Nothing is left but the midrib of the leaf and it's a clean break like an abscission just allowed the leaflet to drop...however, there are no leaflets, whole or partial, on the ground or below the tree or nearby. My only guess is birds using leaflets for nesting material but then again, wouldn't it be a ragged tear rather than a clean cut? They don't get the new growth, mostly the fully expanded leaflets on the more mature leaves. Whatever it is, it has stripped about half the leaflets off a two-yr old tree.


Oconee County GA about 4 years ago

hitchhiker tree frog

Found a little tree frog of the hibiscus we brought in for the winter. The hibiscus has aphids-guess thats what the frog is eating. How can we control the aphids without harming Prince Charming? How long do frogs live? We enjoy his company but wonder if he would be better off outside. Also does he need open water? Appreciate your advice.



Oconee County SC over 5 years ago

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