Newton County, Georgia

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What kind of plant?

I was wondering what kind of plant this is. It's a bit of a running vine. It looks like it's going to have berries. The smaller stems are mostly red, but the base vines are colored more like a grape vine and as as big around as a thumb or more.


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Newton County GA about 4 years ago

What kind of tree is this

This very large tree is growing in Covington, ga. It's extremely hard wood and is very messy when it sheds during the fall. Do you know what kind of tree it is?


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Newton County GA about 4 years ago

Can someone tell me what kind of spider this is please???

Can someone help me. Every morning we find this spider at the front porch. Any input would be great. Sorry the picture isn't sharper, didn't want to get to close.




Newton County GA almost 5 years ago

what is this 6 foot plant

This was growing,actually about fifty of them,in some overgrowth between two trees


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Newton County GA about 4 years ago

St Augustine grass

Do Augustine grass grow well in the state of Georgia (Newton County)?


Newton County GA over 3 years ago


Hi i want to know what type of butterfly is this?


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Newton County GA 4 months ago

Unidentified plant

I have not been able to identify this plant any help would be grateful. Once I know what it is I can properly take care of the plant in question.



Newton County GA about 4 years ago

Artificial plant growing

can house plants grow artificial light?


Newton County GA over 5 years ago

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