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Is a dead strawberry worm flexible?

I found a worm in my strawberry slush. I picked it up with the edge of my straw and it curled. Would a dead worm from the frozen strawberry mixture used to make the slush curl on the edge of the straw when picked up? The slush had melted into liquid and the majority of the slush was gone. The worm was at the bottom of the cup when I found it.


Muscogee County GA over 5 years ago


I intended to overwinter my pupae but the weather has been too warm and they have hatched and bred And laid eggs. Now, the foliage has turned. They are just now emerging from the egg. I’m afraid there won’t be any green Sweet gum to feed them. How do I keep them over winter?



Muscogee County GA over 2 years ago

Dying Jasmine

My jasmine has been growing on my fence for 15 years and has always done great! This spring all the leaves fell off and the new growth only made an appearance. New growth is in trouble. Please help. This plant has always been a highlight in my backyard. Thanks, Derrell from Smiths Station, AL


Muscogee County GA 4 months ago

Collard chaos

I have no idea what to do! I have lost all the collards in my garden. I looked to see what could be eating them but I can't find anything anywhere. PLEASE HELP!!!


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Muscogee County GA about 5 years ago

What is this?

This was growing on a tree around my daughter's school and we would like to know what it is.


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Muscogee County GA almost 4 years ago

What's this creepy little critter?

I found this guy hanging outside my bedroom window. Any idea what type of bug this actually is? Columbus, GA.


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Muscogee County GA about 4 years ago

calling all show horses!!!

where can i get a good show horse for $15,000 or more?


Muscogee County GA almost 5 years ago

White mold on beef jerky

Is the fuzzy white mold harmful on my Walmart Teryaki Beef Jerky? Occurred 2 weeks after opening and resealing the bag.


Muscogee County GA over 6 years ago

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