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Can someone tell me what kind of spider this is?

I’m not good with identifying spiders and need someone to tell me. What spider is this? I found a black widow yesterday and was wondering if this one I found today was a brown recluse. Im also going to attach the picture of the black widow.


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Mobile County AL almost 2 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

I found this spider a few inches underground today while digging for a garden. I don't know anything about it other than what can be seen in the photos. It is mostly orange with a slight darkening on the end of the abdomen. Both the head and abdomen have fuzzy white hair on them. I saw several similar looking spiders online but nothing exactly the same which is why I'm here. Thanks for any and all help.


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Mobile County AL spiders over 3 years ago

thick white coating on branches of encore azaleas

thick white coating on branches of encore azaleas


Mobile County AL trees and shrubs 10 months ago

Weeds with stickers

We have weeds in our yard, they don't flower but they come in the spring and they have stickers on them even when they are green and worse when they turn brown.


Mobile County AL weeds horticulture almost 5 years ago

Are there resources to assist our small day-care center as we get established?

I have a small day-care center in Calvert, Alabama. Our center is fairly new, and we assumed that we would have more support from our neighboring business (ThyssenKrupp), which had promised to hire locals for their new plant. I saw an opportunity to start a much-needed day care in our area. There was essentially nowhere to leave small children so that parents could go to work. Needless to say, the hiring process was not what we had been told. Our center is licensed for 76 children. We currently have only 40 enrolled, and most of the clients are on a subsidy. Our center is struggling to remain a source of positive infrastructure. Is there any help or grant opportunities to assist with some of our expenses until we get up and going?


Mobile County AL child care early childhood about 7 years ago

What is this flower

I would like to know what kind of flower this is.


Mobile County AL almost 4 years ago

Fruit "leather" jelly repair?

I made a new type of jelly for me (sour cherry) and my jelly turned out leathery. I know what went wrong. My question is: can I place small amounts (if so, how much per pint) of this fruit leather jelly in the jars for a new batch, and have the hot liquid jelly melt the leather and the jelly set to proper consistency?


Mobile County AL food safety food jelly almost 6 years ago

Diseased amaryllis

I have about 40 bulbs planted in one spot that have been so beautiful for many years. Now many of them have the red blotch dsease. I just can't throw them away. S there anything else I could do?


Mobile County AL 8 months ago

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