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Pink Brandywine leaf disease

Attached find a file showing diseased leaves on a Pink Brandywine heirloom. The leaves affected are all on the lower part of the plant. Was hoping someone would identify this problem, and suggest effective solutions. The problem (thus far) does not appear to be spreading rapidly--the rest of the plant looks in really good shape (as of this writing).

Thanks much for your assist and feedback here. BTW: our zip code is 39837.



Miller County GA about 5 years ago

New sticker weed in Yard

I have just noticed there is a new low growing weed all over my lawn. It has small seed pods about 2 or 3 mm. in diameter. They have multiple spines that vigorously stick to the bottoms of rubber shoes and cause a irritating sting when touched by hands or feet. I have serveral pictures that might help identify the offending plant. Information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Size_of_plant_300x300%2523 Seed_size_in_mm._300x300%2523 Root_system_1_300x300%2523

Miller County GA over 4 years ago

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