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What tree is this?

Can you please tell me what type of tree this is from the picture of the leaf and seed pod


Marshall County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Maple Tree

Was wondering what was going on with my maple tree? And if it can be helped, what should I do? One side of this tree It has bare limbs . It has a trail all up the tree. The bark is peeling off and it looks black in spots. Thank you, Georgeann


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Marshall County Alabama almost 2 years ago

This past year I haven't seen any preying mantis or garden orb spiders. Can...

This past year I haven't seen any preying mantis or garden orb spiders. Can you give me any ideas why that might be. The spiders used to spin the most elaborate webs and I do miss that.


Marshall County Alabama about 6 years ago

What berry tree is this?

Leaves a smooth with veins outer edge of leave smooth with vein running the entire edge. Bark runs in grain pattern but flaky. Berries are round in small sections but no pattern.


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Marshall County Alabama over 1 year ago

cleveland pear tree

Can I give it some fish fertilizer?


Marshall County Alabama over 4 years ago

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