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How to compare speeds Ethernet Internet vs DSL

Thanks for your work here. I have a question about Internet access. Right now, I have DSL, but I need more speed to do webinars, etc.

I am only able to get 10/.8 Mbps for DSL, but I need at least 6/2.

My local ISP has offered an Ethernet Internet connection at 3Mbps. That would satisfy my upload requirements, but it sounds like I'd be getting slower download since I'm currently at 6Mbps on DSL.

The sales rep says that Ethernet is faster, but can't seem to tell me how to compare the speed of 6 Mbps DSL to 3 Mbps Ethernet.

Can you help me figure out the differences in speed?

If the Ethernet isn't going to work, the only other option I have is satellite, but I read such bad things about those vendors. Do you think satellite could let me do webinars? Is it reliable enough?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!


Lumpkin County GA about 5 years ago

Wine grape or muscadine?

I live in North Georgia and have grape growing on my land next to a creek. I am posting the images below. It is trailing up an alder tree, the leaves look to me like Fox grapes, yet the fruit tastes like muscadines.


100_1673_300x300%2523 100_1674_300x300%2523 100_1675_300x300%2523

Lumpkin County GA almost 6 years ago

Red tail boa ball

Can you breed a red tail boa with a ball python I know boas give live birth and balls lay eggs but is it possible or am I just wanting to Chase the impossible


Lumpkin County GA about 4 years ago

How to raise hollyhocks from seeds

Hi there, I live in GA and brought some Hollyhock seeds back with me put them in little pots an they popped up nicely. Now it is Nov and I don't know if I should leave them outside in the pots, or bring them inside for the winter I'm not in a poistion to put them in the ground.


Lumpkin County GA over 4 years ago

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