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Greenhouse Drainage

I was recently put in charge of maintaining my department's greenhouse. We have a standing water problem which is leading to algal and moss growth. I was wondering if there were any creative ways to improve drainage without breaking the budget and having to have the cement floor replaced.


Lowndes County GA almost 5 years ago


ID please! Ran fast through my living room



Lowndes County GA almost 3 years ago

Is this something edible?

This plant (there's actually about 7 of them) belonged to Indian neighbors before they moved and the apartments sprayed them, but they came back. I believe it's a spice or something edible, but I don't know what. Long, pointed oval leaves that grow in threes on alternating sides of the main stem, small yellow flowers, short little bean pods.


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Lowndes County GA about 4 years ago


what breed is my horse


Lowndes County GA about 5 years ago

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