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Snakes tongue bent

Just purchased a 37% super dwarf retic and noticed his tongue is kinked downwards in the middle. The breeder has never seen it before. I’m worried when he gets bigger, if it will cause a problem. He’s a little over a month old and has ate twice with no problems.


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Jackson County GA about 1 year ago

Mareks disease in chickens

I am new to chicken raising and have recently started with 6 poulet-age chickens of varied variety. We have a Mille D' Fleur chicken who began limping 3 1/2 weeks ago. After a few days of limping she couldn't stand or flap her wings and began doing a split motion with her legs. I pulled her from the coop, keeping her in a lg. plastic box away from other birds. i began feeding and watering her by holding her up and tried hypericum tablets dissolved in a TBLS of distilled water. 5 to 10 drops 2x a day. After a few days she could lift her head on her own and after 6 days could flap her wings. It has been 2 weeks of treatment and she is shakily walking on her own with a good appetite. My question is...When can I or can i put her back with the other hens ( none have shown any sign of this disease) Should I vaccinate the other hens first? Everything I have read on vaccinations says to do it when they are chicks or 4 to 6 weeks, These hens are older than that but not laying yet. Advice would be appreciated. My vet doesn't deal with chickens.


Jackson County GA about 4 years ago

Why is there no fruit on my yellow squash plants?

I have 5 or so yellow straight neck squash plants, which have been flowering this past month. I don't know if there have been both male and female flowers. I only recently tried to manually polinate one. What else can I do?


Jackson County GA about 5 years ago

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