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Tiny hatchling found in a school

My boyfriend found this little guy in the school he works at. I'd like to know what kind of snake it is. I know its non venomous


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Henry County GA almost 5 years ago

Leaf drop on pecan trees usual?

My tree dropped all its green leaves and only had a few brown ones left. Is it dead? Is it just frozen and will come back next year when it warms?


Henry County GA over 6 years ago

I found these snake skins sticking from an outside wall in my home. I'm...

I found these snake skins sticking from an outside wall in my home. I'm calling animal control; however, can you identify as poisonous or not? Thanks



Henry County GA about 6 years ago

weed killer recipie

I found a way to kill poison ivy it's 3 cups white distilled vinegar 1/2 cup salt and a 1 tablespoon liquid detergent will this hurt black snakes some are over 6 feet long thanks


Henry County GA over 1 year ago

Green worm

What kind of worm is this



Henry County GA almost 4 years ago

transferring plants

I moved a small Chinese maple and it appears that it is going in shock; leaves are dying. is this normal?


Henry County GA about 4 years ago

Type of snake

Didn't want to kill it, but it was aggressive and turned around on me when i gave it a little shove with a stick. It seems to rattle its tail but was a baby. Was pretty aggressive for its small size. I sprayed it with the hose till it gave up and went back into the grass.



Henry County GA almost 3 years ago

Plant identification

Could you please tell us what this plant is. It is growing near a drainage pond in McDonough, ga. Since it is one of few things blooming right now, the honey bees seem to love it.


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Henry County GA almost 4 years ago

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