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Southern Magnolia Tree

It is the middle of July and my tree is losing all of its leaves ! It bloomed April and May and then in June we had lots of rain! Our July here in Georgia has been extremely dry and hot! I just wondered if it was dying or is this normal behavior to loose its leaves!


Haralson County GA 17 days ago

What kind of fruit tree is this?

We have two of these trees in our yard. Every year they yield small, round, orange fruits. The fruit s evetually turn purple. I was told it was a persimmon tree but I am not sure. They don't seem to ve poisonous, as I have seen many birds and other animals eating the fruit, including our puppies recently (despite our efforts to keep them away). But I would still like to make sure. The berries in the picture are not very ripe. The ripe ones turn a brighter orange and are just a little squishy.



Haralson County GA almost 4 years ago

Bark Peeling

See pics attached. Seems like bark is peeling off and after its exposed, new bark grows. There were also a few dead branches, but even now these branches have new spouts. Any advice, suggestions as to what is going on?


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Haralson County MS 4 months ago

What are these?

I literally have a swarm of these in my room!


Img_20160617_022619860_300x300%2523 Img_20160617_022201948_300x300%2523

Haralson County GA about 4 years ago

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