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Spider type

Could someone identify what kind of spider this might be and if it's any kind of threat to my family.



Hall County GA 11 months ago

It's killing my Bermuda

I have 4 year old Bermuda sod that is dying. What's in this picture is everywhere. The picture is from the area is my side yard on a slight slant with 50/50 shade/sun. It's moving into my front yard - full sun and I also noticed it at the rope of the hill by the street - 80% sun. The Front and side yard are on a slight hill. Top of the hill at the street is mostly flat but has a slight drainage issue in one small area. I noticed some Dark green algae in the side yard and the small area at the street where I'm having a drainage issue. What us this stuff and what can I get to remove it. Please help.


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Hall County GA about 6 years ago

I want know if this is a fungus or large mushroom?

I want to know is it could be poison


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Hall County GA almost 4 years ago

What are these pods growing in grass?

These pods appeared in my yard this winter...what are they?



Hall County GA over 1 year ago

Identify plant

Can you tell me what this weed is



Hall County GA over 4 years ago

Looking for sun loving flowering bush/plant ideas for the attached slope....

Looking for sun loving flowering bush/plant ideas for the attached slope. About 6 hrs full sun.



Hall County GA over 5 years ago

Black Walnut Trees and Sheep

I found a previous question and your comment about black walnut trees and you mentioned it’s toxicity to horse, goats, and sheep. Your writing is the only reference I have found to it’s effect on sheep. I just moved to a farm with these walnut trees and trying to determine whether to cut them all down even though they are the only shade trees near my house. I want sheep and horses, and have read plenty about the tree affecting horses, but nothing about sheep. So to be clear: it is not safe for sheep to graze land near black walnut trees and to eat the grass under and around these trees? I don’t want sick sheep so I’m looking for a clear answer. If I do need to cut the mature trees, how would I go about ‘healing the land’ to be used at a later time by horses and sheep? How would one get rid of the jugalone in the soil, etc.? I don’t plan to move from this property so I’m looking at the big picture of healing the land also for an organic garden. Thanks so much for your help!


Hall County GA over 2 years ago


I have a spider that's been on my back porch for about three weeks. I've watched him every night make really nice webs. They sprayed for bugs at my complex and you didn't see many Insects. Three nights ago in my garage was a really big moth so I caught it and threw it in the spiders web and of course he spent about 6 hrs on that moth. He's not a very big spider. He sleeps during the day on a string of lights on the porch. Since he ate that moth he hasn't been back down. He is alive. Is this normal if he is full??


Hall County GA about 4 years ago

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