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Losing too many Blueberry bushes

We have a blueberry farm, 500 plants, planted them very young (6 months) and they have now been in the ground 22 months. First year, we expected to lose 10% of the plants, but lost more. Plants have grown tremendously this year, they are irrigated and fertilized with water-soluble blueberry specific fertilizer. (drip system) Here's my question: Too often, we are still losing a few plants. One day they are fine, next day, changing color..appears to be dying and a day later, the entire plant, DEAD. Really fast, it seems. I'd say we are losing 3-4 a month. Randomly, scattered through the field. Our plants are on raised rows, in mulch, perfect soils according to soil test. Any thoughts would be appreciated


Greene County GA about 6 years ago

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