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Animal Protection Expo - Equine Sessions and CEC's

Hello, Would your organization be willing to promote the 21st Annual Animal Protection Conference And Expo? There are sessions devoted to Equine law, abuse and care as well as for dogs, cats and rabbits and other companion animals. www.animalprotectionexpo.org Oct. 18-20 in partnership with the GVMA. Thank you Susan M. Bova


Fulton County GA 10 months ago

Fungus on new zoysia

Just installed new Zorro Zoysia 3 weeks ago and started seeing spots that are turning yellow along with concentrated spots that look grey/white to black color. Grass installer believes it’s powdery mildew. What do you think?

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Fulton County GA about 2 years ago

please identify this small snake

during past year,
we have found 4 of these in the finished basement.
now we've found one in a leaf pile.

these 5 snakes are always small: length 10 inches. diameter .3 at maximum girth.
they crawl slowly.
not aggressive, but the family is put off by their presence.

my lawn guy inadverdently injured the latest one.
photos attached.
for the photos, it is resting in a plastic 5-gallon paint can from Lowes.


Snake_leafpile_2220_300x300%2523 Snake_leafpile_2217_300x300%2523 Snake_leafpile_2218_300x300%2523

Fulton County GA over 4 years ago

White pumpkin

I have a white pumpkin that we purchase 4 years ago and still perfect My friend challenge me to try to get more info from an expert . If you can provide more info I will really appreciate it:)


Fulton County GA almost 2 years ago

Are carbohydrates necessary for health

Your page states "The minimum recommended intake of carbohydrates necessary for survival is 130 grams or 520 kcal per day. However, this level is recommended only to support the central nervous system, red blood cell production, and tissues dependent on glucose; it does not support any physical activity." Is it critical for people to get this glucose from carbohydrates, or can the body process them from other sources? Thanks! Varda


Fulton County GA over 6 years ago

Volunteer 'tree'?

Any ideas?


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Fulton County GA about 4 years ago

What kind of tree is this?

What is the name of this tree?


Img_20160622_143207_300x300%2523 Img_20160622_143135_300x300%2523

Fulton County GA about 4 years ago

control of scale on camellias

I have used Volck horticultural oil to control scale on camellias and Euonymus very effective even if I have to spray every year, it keeps the scale in check, Volck is not available any longer. Neem oil is not effective,
I want systemic product, granules would be nice and it should be good for the environment.
Any recommendations?

Thank you,


Fulton County GA over 4 years ago

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