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SHASTA DAISY did not bloom

i just planted 2 SHASTA DAISY plants in May2015. I was wondering why my plants did not bloom?



Forsyth County GA almost 5 years ago

What is name of plant

Fall (10/30/2915) grows and blooms in shade


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Forsyth County GA almost 5 years ago

Trying to identify this tree/shrub

I pulled a seedling from a patio pot, thinking it was a weed. It appeared to be growing from an avocado seed one of my kids planted (I think), but have never seen an avocado with serrated leaves. I replanted it and it has the leaves pictured growing from a woody stem that is red in color. Any thoughts would be appreciated. If not from an avocado, what else has that type of seed?


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Forsyth County GA about 5 years ago

What kind of tree is this?

These trees are growing in our front yard. The area is somewhat overgrown with lots of different trees. These are rather slender trunks with berries that turn almost black when they are ripe. The berries are the size of about a large pea and are growing in loose clusters. We did not see any flowers on these trees prior to the berries coming out but I assume there must've been.


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Forsyth County GA about 4 years ago

Browning from the tip

Any idea on why a 6 month old tree started to browning from the top down? The rest of the tree is green and healthy looking. Thanks.


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Forsyth County GA almost 3 years ago

Dorothy's yard

Want the name of this purple Flower. Not an Iris. Has large leaves that are scalloped kind of.growing in shade and has grown about 3 feet long. How can this be propagated? It is not invasive


Forsyth County GA almost 5 years ago

Am I the only one or am I crazy.

Nov 2013 I broke my ankle in 3 places, tibia, fibula, and another small section. (stepped in a hole on a hill slipped my body kept going my ankle unfortunately did not). I had 7 screws, a pin and a plate put in. Fast forward 2 years, 2 of the 7 screws had worked loose, so a surgeon removed the hardware except for the pin.

It has been a year and I am still in pain, Surgeon says it's healed fine, physical therapist says its nerves under the skin and a week dorselflex muscle, strengthening will fix it, I have done that. Now I'm working out with a trainer and he looks at me like I'm wimpy, or crazy. Please if anyone has any insight.. I'm 54, 186 lbs, 5'7" I stand on feet a lot, I'm a caregiver in senior center


Forsyth County GA almost 4 years ago

Plum Tree Disease

Our plum tree has some infestation and seems to be dying. Is there any remedy to kill the infestation and save the tree?


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Forsyth County GA almost 2 years ago

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