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oak tree clusters snipped from branches

Finding numerous clusters that have been cut from branches around tree. Suspected squirrels but don't always see active ones. The snippets are around 2 inches and a clean straight break is made.. need help since tree is shading patio.


Floyd County GA over 1 year ago

Black widow spider

Is there an expert/ professional that I can contact for confirmation if I think I have a black widow spider? I captured it in my yard where my kids play everyday. Thank you.


Floyd County GA about 7 years ago

Black tipped leaves on weeping cherry tree cuttings

The very end of the leaves of 4 weeping cherry trees I have cut to propagate they are turning black. What is causing this?


Floyd County GA about 1 year ago

weed with a white fuzzy top

I have this weed growing in an area that i have sprayed with round up. The plant itself is dying, but the fluffy white part of the plant is still there seemingly unaffected. Is this the seeds that will re-generate next year. How can I get rid of this spreading weed permanently. It is away from my yard, If I do get rid of this weed, then I will replant with tall fescue grass seed.


Floyd County GA about 4 years ago

Seed pod from what

What tree does this tree come from



Floyd County GA about 3 years ago

tiny black spot

just a couple of my tomatoes have tiny black spots on them what is going on?


Floyd County GA about 4 years ago

Wilting leaves on Florida Anise

We have a Florida Anise that was planted by a professional landscaper this Spring. It is on the front of our house and receives morning sun and afternoon shade. I have watered it often and do not know what is causing the wilting leaves---any suggestions?


Floyd County GA about 6 years ago

Unknown invasive perennial

This fast spreading plant has the appearance of mint, but has no odor. I don't know if it's a weed or herb.


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Floyd County GA about 4 years ago

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