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New plant

I got a free load of horse manure and shavings. This started growing in the areas in used it. It's small, has thorns, looks kind Of like a small rose but may be a briar. Thanks



Fayette County GA over 4 years ago

Blue Atlas Cedar Horstman

I planted two of these trees last December and one has died after all the needles turned brown and now the second one is also slowly turning brown. There is a green splotching like fungus on the branches, do you have any idea what that might be?


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Fayette County GA about 1 month ago

Need snake ID

Had a black snake about 3 feet long in my fenced yard, when approached it coiled and made a rattling sound with its tail against the leaves and sprung at my dog, Definitely nonpoisonous and left it unharmed, did not see any markings


Fayette County GA 3 months ago

?? What kind of baby??

Is this baby copperhead?



Fayette County GA about 4 years ago

Sheep Ate all the oats

My sheep ate a HALF A BUCKET of oats! She is really sick, hasn’t eaten in 3 days, She is still drinking. But has diarrhea. I’ve tried giving her probiotics but she doesn’t want to eat anything. She is getting weak now. Any ideas?


Fayette County GA 4 months ago

What's happening??

My wife and I found an imperial moth larvae and it was awesome, and then a week later it changed (she'd it's skin). Over the course of about 2 weeks it has grown to the size of a hotdog! Today we noticed it is starting to turn a reddish color (previously black)... what does this mean? Oh yea, it also had some black runny poop! (First time for the poop)


Fayette County GA almost 6 years ago

Where would be the nearest testing service for an extensive flock infection...

Where would be the nearest testing service for an extensive flock infection of an unidentified pathogen, in Fayette County where there is no poultry specific veterinarian.


Fayette County GA almost 6 years ago

Fruit Flies During Winter Months

How can I prevent an inevitable fruit fly infestation on my indoor plants under growth lamp during winter months? I'm going to grow cherry tomatoes and maintain my one year old lemon trees. Last year I used fly paper which helped somewhat. Neem oil damaged my young tomato plants.Thank you!


Fayette County GA almost 4 years ago

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