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I have a new planting of Sarah Bernhardt peonies (planted last fall) and one...

I have a new planting of Sarah Bernhardt peonies (planted last fall) and one plant is wilting. I dug it up and found a white substance in the dirt and all over the rhizomes. I have placed it in a bucket of water and wonder if there is any way I can treat it to save the plant? Some of the roots have dropped off, but one area seems still healthy.

DeKalb County GA over 6 years ago

Coral Bark leaves

i have a mature Coral Bark in my front yard. This spring it leafed out as usual except it looked a little sparse. Now the top leaves seem to be turning fall colors, except it's June!
I'm worried. What could it be and is there anything I can do?

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DeKalb County GA about 1 year ago

Unknown to me

What type of rock is this?


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DeKalb County GA 9 months ago

What flower is this

What is the name of this flower



DeKalb County GA about 4 years ago

What are these flea looking bugs and their strange looking bumpy lines?!?!

Maybe someone can help me figure out what the hell these are. They look to me like common fleas but they keep appearing on the back staircase on the wood and they are usually all dead. It’s extremely strange because I don’t believe I’ve seen any alive at any time. It’s the winter time and I’m in Atlanta so it’s humid and while it gets extremely cold it also gets warm randomly with temps fluctuating from the 20s to 70s in a matter of 24-48 hours do it could be the weather but it’s like the whole group is knocked out. In addition to the bugs themselves they have these weird blackish/brown lines with little bumps on them. They’re extremely uniformed bumpy lines that I initially thought it was a piece of rusted metal. Can someone please shed some light on this for me and tell me what these bugs and these lines are?! I have researched and researched and cannot find any pictures or information that refers to this exact issue. If anyone knows what this all is please let me know!!! Thanks, Mike


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DeKalb County GA 6 months ago


What do I use to get ride of mushrooms in my mulch?


DeKalb County GA over 6 years ago

Knockout Rose Disease and Treatment

All of our knockout roses have become infected with some sort of disease that I cannot identify. Nearly all of the leaves have turned brown and are falling off. The roses bloomed, and the browning started soon after.

Several neighbors have the plants and I see no problems with theirs. we have plants in different parts of our yard and they all seem to be afflicted. Perhaps ours are a different type.

We would appreciate any advice on this issue. I'm considering either cutting them all the way back or just digging them up, but would love to save them if we can.



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DeKalb County GA about 4 years ago

Small bugs around kitchen window

These very small bugs (2-3mm in size) just appear around my kitchen window, window sills, ceiling above window. I have not been able to identify where they are coming from. They are pretty slow moving across a piece of paper. I clean my sink, run garbage disposal frequently, etc. There are recessed lights above sink and in kitchen but haven't seen them coming out of there. They don't seem to be anywhere else in the house. I keep the kitchen window shut tight.


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DeKalb County GA about 1 year ago

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